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Thursday, October 8, 2015

The Weekly Instagram Round-Up

Happy Thursday!  Now that I am officially diving into Addison’s Wonderland full-time (eek!), I will be expanding into more, blogging more and social media-ing more!  As I posted yesterday, I am blogging for Better Homes and Gardens as well and they’ve asked my to venture into the fashion/beauty side of the blogging world so I thought why not do the same on here?!?  As I have started to post more and more on the fashion side, I have had numerous requests to post links on my blog for those who have not signed up for liketoknowit and for those who are not on Facebook.  Although I do HIGHLY suggest signing up for liketoknowit because it is a very unique and helpful way to receive links straight to your inbox simply by clicking “like” on Instagram.

So without further ado, welcome to the NEW Weekly Instagram Round-Up!  I will be posting the images you’ve seen on social media with the product links you’ve been asking about.  So here’s this week’s IG round-up…


Top / Jeans / Booties


Top (sold out) / Jeans (back in stock!) / Lace Tank Extender / Shoes

IMG_5385 (1)

Dress / Booties


Shoes / Denim Leggings / Bag


Booties / Jeans / Top


Booties / Jeans / Top


Shoes / Jeans / Scarf / Book


Booties / Book


Top / Jeans / Booties

Mustard Dress 2

Dress / Leggings / Booties

PLUS, there’s a HUGE Joyfolie Sale this week!  Here’s the link…

Lavender Fields Online 6L

These shoes are on sale too!  Link…

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Project Tidying Up!

Meet my newest read…

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing by Marie Kondo

I absolutely LOVE a clean, organized and clutter-free home.  I can honestly say that I feel better, accomplish more and even enjoy life more when our home is clean.  And although I recognize that possibly more than most, there are times, a lot of times, when our house becomes one big ol’ pile of clutter.  Between our kitchen/bath company APF, Inc., two little ones, my blog, our house projects and just plain life, our house becomes a wee bit cluttered all too often.  And I know what you are thinking…  I see her house everyday on Instagram and it is always clean.  Well let me tell you…  It is easy to scoot everything to the side to get a quick image.  It is easy to make a bed really fast, fluff the pillows and snap the shot.  But a video of our entire home would be another story.  My blogging life is mostly to inspire design, inspire the use of color and help my readers to open up their eyes to the big world of design.  To create a space that speaks to them and their family.  Therefore, my images portray those “magazine worthy” aspirations.  Real life on the other hand is a whole new ball game.

For example, here’s our master bedroom…


And here’s our closet… and yes, I CANNOT believe I am showing you this!  I guess the “take one room at a time” method really ISN’T working!IMG_5644IMG_5647

Umm, yes, it’s a mess!  It was our catch-all for everything we didn’t know what to do with in our new home plus it’s our current storage closet since finishing our basement.  Funny thing is that this huge closet is part of what sold me on our home!  Hoping this clean-up will finally motivate us to remodel this into my dream closet.

SO…  on our 5 hour flight back from Oregon on Sunday, I picked up a book I’ve been dying to read, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up.  And as crazy as it sounds, I honestly do believe it could be life changing to declutter to the extent that Marie Kondo suggests in her reading.  So I have taken a pledge to myself and my hubby to start this process.  Would you like to join me?

Here’s the deal…  I read the book cover to cover and since I did not have a highlighter, I folded down a million pages.  And then even double folded when both sides were note-worthy.  Yes, I absolutely suggest you do the same!  See what I mean…


Dress Boots/ Rug

First, yes the book is amazing and inspiring and makes me want to order a dumpster the size of South Carolina before I start this process.  HOWEVER, I am taking from it what I feel is most applicable to my life, my home and my personality,  No, I do not see myself greeting my home out loud when I get home every day.  No, I do not in fact see myself kneeling down in our living room and bowing down to our home before I start tidying up because my hubby will most likely commit me.  And no, I will not be thanking my clothes for their service to me.  I do however love her passion for what she does and I appreciate the fact that she shares this with the readers.  Much of what I do design-wise may be seen by some as crazy as well and I love that about her and her writing.

So, what did I take from the book (for Stage One)?

  1. I need to throw away or donate a LOT because organizing my clutter doesn’t make it any less clutter-full.  Although I do love a cute organizer!
  2. Rather than tell myself I’ll do a little a day, I need to just GET IT DONE because we quite possibly purchase and add more to our home than I am actually getting rid of doing “a little a day”.
  3. I will have A LOT more time to focus on things other than constantly cleaning once we are officially de-cluttered.
  4. Maybe, just maybe, when my family sees my RAPID cleaning and de-cluttering, they will be inspired to do the same.


For me, I would love to come home and not feel buried in papers, clothes and clutter.  I would love to have drawers that are empty, space for new purchases and a place for everything.  I would love to feel like I no longer need to spend most of my evening throwing things into baskets and boxes.  I would love to open up a closet and actually know what we have and what we need before I end up with ten of everything.  I would love to have time freed up to blog more, spend more time with my family and time to relax!  So, I have “taken the pledge” to tidy up our home.  SO what does this mean?

Monday, the day we returned from Oregon, I got to work.  With multiple trash bags in hand, I started with our clothes and layed them ALL out on the floor of our bedroom one category at a time…


What I loved about the book was the fact that she suggests focusing on what items make you happy instead of what you don’t need.  That really struck me because I always tend to keep things on a “what if I need it ONE DAY” thought process.  So this time, I would pick something up and think… would I be excited about wearing this RIGHT NOW?  If not, it went into my donate bag…


So this is JUST our closet.  Eek!  And here’s the result…


So yes, we still have a WAYS to go but it is SO much better and I am SO motivated to keep going!  Plus, I found so many things that I forgot we even had AND I found $60 in the pocket of a purse!  And the best part, we got rid of enough to completely empty out an entire dresser in our room (the one by the windows)…


This had been a goal of mine because I felt like our bedroom was full of furniture so I am so excited to have this side of our room opened up.  So what did I learn so far?

  1. We buy way too much and throwing away so many un-used/barely used things has super motivated me to purchase less.
  2. Although it is helpful to clean out one “category” at a time, I did find it helpful to throw away and clean up other things in our closet at the same time.  With the entire closet much cleaner now, I feel more accomplished.
  3. With so much more space and empty hangers, I am more motivated to hang things up right away and keep the space clean.
  4. It is very helpful to think of things as “appreciated in the moment” rather than feeling like they still mean something to you now.  That really really helped me in getting rid of gifts, clothing from when the girls were little and other meaningful items.


Let’s all tackle this together, one category at a time and encourage one another along!  I’ll be posting my before’s and the process and I would love to share some of yours as well!  So you tackle your closets and I will be moving on to all of the TOYS in our home!  From CLOTHING to TOYS!  This should be interesting.  I think I will send the kids away that day!  LOL!  Happy cleaning!

XOXO, Brittany Hayes







Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Top 10 Reasons You MUST Add Oregon to Your Bucket List


Shirt / Shoes / Jeans

California is pretty dang amazing.  Florida has so many beautiful beaches and Disney World of course!  Charleston is full of historic charm.  Utah is absolutely breathtaking.  New York City is chic, hip and exciting.  But Oregon…  I am obsessed.  My husband told me I should be their official head of tourism.  I mean, they only use paper bags and they pump your gas for you?!?  What else do you need in life???

Almost six years ago, a friend who I’d met from a mutual love for the Twilight series, invited me cross country to do a “book tour” of the hot spots from the series.  I had never been to the West Coast at the time so I was super excited for this new experience.  After this first trip to Washington State, I started to fall in love with the Pacific Northwest. From this trip, we realized that although the books were based around Forks, Washington, the movies were actually filmed in and around Portland, Oregon.  So naturally, we just HAD to book a second trip back to the West Coast to visit Oregon.   We did and I became hooked.  So you’re not a Twilight fanatic?  Don’t worry, this is simply what brought me to Oregon so keep reading…

Once we arrived in Oregon that second trip, we were mesmerized.  From the national forests to the mountains, rocky beaches, waterfalls and rivers, Oregon is hands down the most beautiful state I have ever visited.  Where else can you go from snowy mountain top to the second highest waterfall in the United States to the beach all in one day?  So five trips later, I have found my faves in and around the Portland area and have dragged most of my friends and family to my favorite state.  Over the weekend, I was finally able to get away with my hubby and have a quick little visit to the area.  So, here’s my round up of the TOP 10 REASONS YOU MUST ADD OREGON TO YOUR BUCKET LIST!  Oh and below you’ll find a compilation of pictures from all of my visits over the last five years.  And yes, every spot on this list is within a 1.5-2 hour radius around Portland, Oregon.  Crazy, huh?

10. Twilight Tour-

Okay, I know what you are thinking but this IS what brought me to Oregon so it had to at least make it to #10 on my list!  Here’s a sneak peek of what you can find in this beautiful state from the movie series…

“Forks” High School

(Image Via:


Kalama High School- 548 China Garden Rd, Kalama, WA 98625 (right over the Oregon border)

The Cullen House

(Image Via:

IMG_6574 IMG_6579

The Cullen House- 3333 NW Quimby Street, Portland, Oregon

Bella’s House

(Image Via:

FullSizeRender (6)

Bella’s House- 184 S 6th St, Saint Helens, OR

Parking Lot, Alley and Thunderbird & Whale Bookstore

(Image Via:


Parking Lot, Alley and Thunderbird & Whale Bookstore- 260 S 2nd St, Saint Helens, OR

Lion/Lamb Woods Scene

(Image Via: twilight


The Stone Cliff Inn- 17900 S. Clackamas River Drive, Oregon City, OR

9. Ecola State Park-

Located about two hours west of Portland on the coast of Oregon is the absolutely breathtaking Ecola State Park.  From elk sightings to starfish and the most amazingly lush forest you’ve ever seen, Ecola is an absolute must see!  Oh and if you’ve never seen a West Coast sunset, this is the place to be.

(Above Images Via:

IMG_6694IMG_6717 (1)IMG_4291IMG_4303

8. Lake Trillium

At the base of Mt. Hood, Lake Trillium offers the most incredible reflections of Mt. Hood as well as fishing, camping and canoeing.

IMG_6794 IMG_6798

7. The Passion

Taking a break from the amazing scenery for a second, one thing I love most about Oregon is the PASSION.  From nature to biking to the environment and the arts, Oregonians are super duper passionate about making Oregon one of a kind.  As a designer, this drive to keep things beautiful is one thing that continuously draws me back to this state.  From things as simple as organized recycling everywhere you stop to bike and walking paths on every street as well as impeccably maintained parks, streets and neighborhoods, the love for Oregon is contagious.  I love the comparative lack of chain stores, the abundance of boutique stores and art galleries as well as trees and nature incorporated into roads and bridges even in Downtown Portland.


6. Columbia River Gorge

The Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area encompasses over 250,000 acres spanning across the northern Oregon and southern Washington border.  The best viewing point of the River Gorge in my opinion is the Vista House/Crown Point observatory located in Multnomah County, Oregon.

(Image Via:

(Image Via:

5. Multnomah Falls

Just over the river and through the woods from the Vista House is the second highest year-round waterfall in the United States, Multnomah Falls.  Climbing over 620 feet, the Falls are absolutely stunning with year round beauty.  It’s a short .2 mile walk to the bridge and worth every second.  There’s also a gift shop and restaurant at the base of the falls that are a nice little spot to grab a bite to eat and enjoy the views!

(Image Via:

(Image Via:


4. Mt. Hood

Mount Hood is a potentially active stratovolcano located in northern Oregon over 11,000 feet high.  With an almost year-round snow capped peak, it is beautiful and visible from most everywhere in the Portland and surrounding areas.  A drive to the top is worth every second and riding the scenic Magic Mile ski lift is an Oregon must!

(Image Via:

IMG_4199 IMG_4201IMG_6761 IMG_6760 IMG_6776IMG_6770

3. The Food!

If there’s one consistent theme among Portland visitors I’ve spoken with, it’s that Portland is the meca for amazing food!  I have never seen so many unique and funky as well as farm to table style restaurants that have a true passion for good food.  Here are some of my faves…

Voodoo Doughnuts is a true Portland landmark.  And yes, we waited in line in the middle of the day for doughnuts!

IMG_5637IMG_5635 IMG_5636IMG_5634

Veritable Quandry


Stumpground Coffee and the Ace Hotel

IMG_5533Shirt / Shoes / Jeans

Mother’s Bistro

IMG_5633FullSizeRender (5)

Food Trucks- Mark was in absolute food truck heaven!


Portland City Grill- located on the 30th floor, the views speak for themselves!


2. Oregon Wine Country

With two trips to Napa and Sonoma over the last couple of years, Mark and I decided to expand our winery travels into Oregon Wine Country over the weekend.  With the grapes ripe, the views stunning and the wine amazing, I have to say that Oregon definitely gives Napa a run for their money!

(Image Via:

IMG_5604 IMG_5597 IMG_5585 IMG_5600

1. Pacific City

This is by far my favorite spot in the entire United States and I am pretty sure that pictures speak louder than words…

(Warning: some of these images were taken outside of “DANGER: Do Not Cross” fencing that I absolutely do not condone crossing if you visit my Oregon Hot List.  It is very steep and dangerous.)

(Image Via:

(Image Via:

(Image Via:

IMG_4257 IMG_4270 IMG_4276IMG_5627 IMG_5628

XOXO, Brittany Hayes


Sunday, October 4, 2015

Flea Market Shopping with Eddie Ross!

I have a new best friend.  Well two actually, Eddie and Jaithan…


And this is where the hashtag #kiddingnotkidding is ever so appropriate.  For not looking like a completely crazy stalker, I am kidding.  For the fact that I really wish we could go shopping and have lunch every single day, I am totally not kidding.

Almost two weeks ago, I was invited to do a little Flea Market shopping tour with editor and publisher extraordinaire Eddie Ross hosted by Better Homes and Gardens and Vera Bradley.  I am still not quite sure how that invite ended up in MY inbox but it did and of course I totally re-scheduled my flight and extended my trip to be a part of this amazing experience.  Eddie Ross has an amazing new book, The Modern Mix, which is all about creating exciting interiors and tablescapes with chic and accessible finds.  His ability to navigate flea markets and come out with the most incredible treasures was the theme of the day!  We met on Saturday at 10:30am in the Hell’s Kitchen District of New York City.

Flea Market Shopping Trip 1

(Images Courtesy of Kenzie Kramer with Better Homes and Gardens)

Joined by some amazing bloggers and makers… (from left to right) Jen with I Heart Organizing, Me, My Sister Maghan Sisk, Grace with A Storied Style, Ibie with IFALC (on Instagram) and Lindsay with Suite One Studio

Flea Market Shopping Trip 2Flea Market Shopping Trip 3

Eddie Ross and his book “Modern Mix” were featured in The Wall Street Journal!

Let the shopping begin!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 4

We spent the morning and early afternoon touring and shopping the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.  Eddie was quite the celeb with everyone there.  All of the vendors knew him by name and he was quite the price haggler for us too!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 5

One great thing I learned from his book is the importance of mixing and matching to create interest and depth to a table display.  He knew so much about antiques, period pieces and how to spot a flea market treasure.  His book has so many great table setting ideas as well as advice on layering patterns and mixing pieces.  Another great feature in the book is how to clean antique pieces you find or already have sitting around your home.

Flea Market Shopping Trip 6 Flea Market Shopping Trip 7 Flea Market Shopping Trip 8 Flea Market Shopping Trip 9

I found and purchased three of these amazing aqua blue bowls with Eddie’s help and advice.  Although I didn’t need or want all six that were for sale, Eddie advised me to buy three of them.  Odd numbers always work great in design plus if one breaks or goes missing, you still have a pair!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 11

Vera Bradley provided us with these adorable shopping bags and notebooks!  I sure filled mine to the tip top!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 12 Flea Market Shopping Trip 13 Flea Market Shopping Trip 14

My absolute FA-vorite find were these antique gold salt and pepper shakers I scored for $20!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 16

The group!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 17

All of our favorite finds!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 18Flea Market Shopping Trip 20My stash!

Flea Market Shopping Trip 21

Here is how I have incorporated my finds into our home…

Flea Market Finds 1L Flea Market Finds 2L Flea Market Finds 3L Flea Market Finds 4L Flea Market Finds 5L

Want to meet Eddie Ross?  I will be hanging out with him NEXT Thursday, October 8th from 5-8pm at Steve McKenzie’s in Atlanta Midtown West Design District.  Hope to see you there!

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Friday, October 2, 2015

Wine Not?

Happy Friday! Well, here I go again with my favorite Fall color! I am loving anything wine colored and these pants have been on repeat. I really just wanted them because of the color but they are so comfortable and are perfect for a casual Friday at work or date night. They also come in other colors and I am thinking about getting the gray ones! Now let’s talk about this top! The cut out details on the back are so fun and unique and are perfectly placed where I could still wear a black bra which is a must! I’ve also been wearing these amazing lace up flats and have received numerous compliments on them and are super comfortable. They come in two other colors too!
Black Tank Wine Pants 1L

Top, Wine Pants, Shoes, Bracelet, Tote, Sunglasses

Black Tank Wine Pants 4L
Black Tank Wine Pants 3L Black Tank Wine Pants 5L

Black Tank Wine Pants 7L

Shopping Link


Yours Truly, Maghan Sisk