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Friday, January 30, 2015

Be My Valentine

I was so excited when I stumbled upon this adorable heart sweater! It is perfect for your Valentine’s Day date night. It is so comfortable and the heart detail on the sleeve is so unique and festive.  You could easily pair this sweater with jeans and heels/boots but for an elevated date night look I paired it with my favorite skirt and heels. It does run small so I would size up.

 VDay Post 3

Sweater, Skirt, Bracelet, Other Bracelet (LOVE), Heels

VDay Post 4

VDay Post 2

Shopping Link

Heart Elbow Patch Sweater



**MY other bracelet is not pictured but I am in love with it!


Yours Truly, Maghan Sisk

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Mountain Chic Living

BC Den 10_edited-1

Thirty short days ago we closed on our mountain cabin in Big Canoe, GA.  Although we purchased the home for a relaxing, fun getaway spot, we took on quite the undertaking at the same time.  My hubby and I both absolutely love renovating and making huge transformations.  For the sake of enjoying our second home sooner than later, we decided to do a rapid renovation.  So, directly after closing my hubby and a small crew of guys headed up to the North Georgia mountains for a five day overhaul.  Prior to our closing we had taken pictures of the entire home for our “before’s” , made a design plan and purchased ALL of the construction materials.  Once they arrived, they were ready to go!

Today I am going to share our main level living room!  Although the before and after is pretty drastic, this room was by a mile the least renovated room.  The floors, ceiling beams, fireplace and doors were all in great shape so our remodeling tasks were more aesthetic.  First, let’s take a trip back to 1978…


BC3 BC1 photo 1(5) BC14 BC16


As is very common in this gated community, we purchased this home “furnished.”  Sounds fabulous right?!?  Well… let’s just say that clearing out the home proved to be an undertaking all in itself.  Most of the furnishings, specifically the upholstered ones, had been sitting for close to 30 years!  The dust level was out of this world so 98% of everything was given away or trashed.  We went through THREE container sized dumpsters for the renovation PLUS multiple box truck trash hauls.  As far as what we renovated, it would most likely be much easier to discuss what we did NOT change.  Besides sheetrock and molding, the only other thing untouched was the main level wood flooring.  EVERYTHING else in the home was demo’ed.



For this room, after it was demoed, the first step was PAINT!  My hubby and his crew finished up everything but paint in just FIVE short days including the complete renovation of three bathrooms, kitchen and most of the basement level.  Then over the Holidays, a painting crew painted every inch of our home.  Since it is very wooded, I wanted to ensure the home would be very light and bright!  So, I chose a beautiful white paint color: Alabaster by Sherwin Williams.  In the living room, I felt that the wall molding combined with the ceiling molding was a bit dizzying.  Although painting natural wood is very difficult for me, I think the result really showcases the ceiling beams and beautiful walls of doors.  I had the wood trim on the fireplace wall and the back wall all painted wall color.  The ceiling between the beams was also painted wall color.  For the doorway walls, I chose a beautiful warm gray called Tweed Coat by Benjamin Moore for the door molding and molding directly beside the fireplace.

BC Den 5_edited-1BC Den 9_edited-1

Now to my favorite part of any renovation, DECORATING!  Our main home is very colorful, layered, transitional and a tad bit funky.  For this space, I wanted to create a very Aztec chic space with hints of my own personal styling.  As I talked about yesterday, I am goo goo over sectionals.  This room is pretty long and narrow so instead I chose a sofa/chaise style sectional.  For the sake of keeping this post bright and cheery I will refrain from any negativity regarding the purchase of our sofa from Ikea.  HOWEVER, I will share my story soon because it was a gosh awful buying experience and I honestly may never shop Ikea again.  Yes, I NEVER talk negative or complain but it was THAT bad.  Anyways, this is the Karlstad Sofa with Chaise Lounge.  The very first thing I stumbled across and fell madly in love with is this Kilim RUG.  Swoon!  I adore the soft colors and strong Aztec print.  Some of these kilim style rugs can be extremely costly.  This one I found HERE for about $550 but they are original turkish rugs so they don’t usually have multiples of the exact same rug.  You can find lots of similar ones though!  I purchased the Kilim Pillow Cover on the arm chair from there as well.  Finally, the artwork over the fireplace is a piece that caught my eye on Instagram from Sugarboo Designs and I am now obsessed with everything this store carries!

Th adjoining breakfast room area is an even more narrow and awkward space.  I found this adorable small and narrow antiqued grey/white table at a local antique store.  I then purchased four of these amazing AEON Garvin Galvanized Steel Chairs in White from Target.  I love the juxtoposition of the soft rugs and colors with the hard metal chairs.  It creates a beautiful industrial chic look.  I also purchased skeepskins from Ikea for the backs of two of the chairs to soften the look.  Next, the breakfast room rug came from my absolute FAVORITE store Anthropologie.  I will share more pictures soon once we get more finished up.  It is a stunning tapestry style rug.  Finally, the awesome wooden arrows are from an amazing little hubby/wife owned company that I adore called Axel Co.  There is also one on the opposite wall and they’re the perfect touch for this small wall area above the doorways.  Make sure and check them out on Etsy, Instagram (@axelco) and Facebook!

Although this room isn’t complete, I wanted to share our progress with you!  Our lighting will go in next week and we are continuing to decorate and finish up some lose ends.  Enjoy your tour and check out sources for everything else listed below!

LIGHTING (coming soon!)

Jute Chandelier- Houzz

Found on

Chapiz Chandelier- West Elm


BC Den 1_edited-1 BC Den 3_edited-1 BC Den 4_edited-1  BC Den 6_edited-1 BC Den 7_edited-1    BC Den 11_edited-1 BC Den 12_edited-1 BC Den 13_edited-1 BC Den 14_edited-1 BC Den 15N  BC Den 17 BC Den 18 BC Den 19 BC Den 20  BC Den 22


Every Day is a New Opportunity

Art Print- Sugarboo Designs

AEON Garvin Galvanized Steel Chair(Set of 2)

White Steel Chairs- Target

photo (2)

Kilim Rug


Pouf/Ottoman- Target

Tassel Pillow- Anthropologie

Chevron Pillow- Target

Margot Club Chair, Ecru

Ecru Armchair (similar)- One Kings Lane

The Original Reclaimed Wood Wall Arrow | Made in KC MO USA | Arrow

Wall Arrows- Axel Co.

Sofa/Chaise Sectional- Ikea

Aqua Curtain Panels- Ikea

Black/White Large Pillows- Ikea

Grey/White Hall Table- Local Antique Store

Fireplace Sconces- HomeGoods

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Heart of Our Home

Den 11

Yesterday I took you on a tour of our renovation process and today is the fun part!  New paint and refinished hardwoods were both completed prior to us moving in.  Once all of those major construction details were finished up it was time to shop, shop, shop.  There honestly wasn’t too much living room furniture that we transferred to our new home from our previous one.  As I talked about before, our former home was about eight years old and my style had changed quite drastically from my 20’s to my 30’s.  Our ottoman, distressed blue hall table and black/gold mirror were the only repeats.  Here’s the full before/after view…

Den Before and After_edited-1


Although my obsession with color is quite extreme, I do strongly believe in some great neutral basics.  Throw on some fun summer, spring or Christmas pillows, add a colorful  throw and you can completely change up the look.  Our sectional was my first purchase and we absolutely LOVE it!  When I was pregnant with Addison eight years ago we purchased our first sectional.  I always envisioned these as huge, fluffy, pop-up foot rest, eye sores.  However, I found more streamlined options and one week in I was obsessed.  We now have two in our home and two in our cabin.  This one is the Elliott Fabric Sectional from Macy’s.  I think the color is either creme or stone.  I honestly can’t remember!

I’d like to take a quick moment and address a question I am bombarded with ALL the time…  “How do you keep white furniture so clean with kiddos??”  First, I am crazy about two things in my home: toting food around the house and wearing shoes inside.  I always have been and always will be a stickler on those two things.  And let’s be honest, our breakfast room table is a whopping six feet behind our sofa.   Mickey might be about 1″ smaller from that vantage point but I think my kiddos can handle that.  So given those two things, we don’t really have any problems with keeping things relatively stain free.  They get dirty fingers and marker spots every so often but this fabric always cleans up nicely.  No lie my hubby spilled an ENTIRE glass of red wine on it once and it all came off.  Microfiber, faux siede and textiles like that with a short pile are much easier to clean than a cotton duck fabric.  I do always purchase the Macy’s furniture protection plan which is HUGELY helpful and will help any “uh oh” moments for up to five years!

Den 3

Okay, moving right along…  my inspiration color that I used to tie together each room on our main level is Really Teal by Sherwin Williams.  Even with the wonderland we have going on in our home, this common theme helps create a sense of cohesion.  I found these AMAZING teal chairs from Joss & Main and I knew they would be the perfect touch to accent our fireplace wall.  They are seriously TO. DIE. FOR.  We don’t sit in them often but they are comfortable and such a statement piece.  With these accent pieces, I can then add any complimentary color to the room and it all works with the room and with the adjoining rooms.  There’s a little peek at my color secrets!  The gold striped pillows on each chair are from HomeGoods and the fringe throw is from Anthropologie.  For more details on the bookcase wallpaper, read “Renovating Our House Into A Home.”

Den 4

Next up on the social media comment list, OUR RUG!  Holy moly do I get asked about our rug.  It’s the Hibuscus Gray Area Rug from Wayfair and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It’s the perfect patterned, yet still completely neutral, soft and cozy area rug.  WARNING: it sheds more than a log haired German Shepard for the first month!  And yes, I know because we have one.  However, once you vacuum, vacuum and vacuum some more it will all be okay and your sanity will return.

Den 17

Another big statement piece in our living room and something I almost love as much as my first born is our chandelier.  Kidding, kidding…  BUT it is pretty dang amazing.  We had a ceiling fan installed and it quit working in no time (wonder who did that?!?) so my hubby let me replace it with this wood beaded beauty.  It’s larger than it looks in pictures too.  I always encourage clients to play with scale in a large room and especially a large room like this with high ceilings.  Something small would be totally lost in the room.  This piece measures 46″ tall.  You can read more about this installation in “Oh Happy Day”.

Wood Bead Chandelier from Horchow

Sconce Lighting…

Sinuous Metal Sconce- Horchow

Den 21

Last and most certainly NEVER least, accessorizing!  Aside from lighting, accessorizing is my absolute favorite part of design.  If you are afraid of incorporating color but would love to, adding pops of color through throw pillows and decor is the easiest way to do so.  I wish I could take you on the crazy tour of how my brain works pulling things together.  That’s one question I get asked so often but it’s hard to sum up in a blog post.  Like I said I would start with an inspiration color or inspiration piece and some great basics.  Use pops of that color here and there and then to fill in, buy what you love.  I usually purchase things that catch my eye and then find a spot for them later.  Usually once a room is somewhat accesorized, I am able to fill in knowing exactly what is missing and exactly what I am looking for.  And what’s the worst that can happen?  If it doesn’t work, return it!  I also love mixing patterns and things that don’t “match”.  Matchy-matchy is not my personal cup of tea.  Don’t worry I will be doing a lengthy post soon on mixing patterns.  In the meantime, here’s a full living room tour and scroll WAY on down for the lengthy break-down of where it ALL came from…

Den 5 Den 6 Den 7  Den 9

Den 1Den 10  Den 12   Den 15 Den 16  Den 18 Den 19 Den 20  Den 22 Den 23


Wood Beaded Chandelier- Horchow

Sectional- Macy’s

Teal Chairs- Joss & Main

Area Rug-Wayfair

Fringe Throw- Anthropologie

Sunburst Mirror- Joss & Main

Topiary- Local Antique Store

Bookshelf Decor- Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, HomeGoods, etc.

Fireplace Screen- Joss & Main

Teal Tray- Local Antique Store

White Flowers- HomeGoods

Small Snowflake White Tray- Target

Black/Gold Mirror- Bombay Company

Gold Chevron Poufs- Target

Antique Blue Table- A Sweet Friend

Wall Sconces & Florals- Hobby Lobby

Seahorse Lamps- HomeGoods

Brown Leather Ottoman- Macy’s

Gold Floral Accent Wall Wallpaper- Hygge & West

Accent Wall Frame- Hobby Lobby

Mantle Candleholder- America’s Mart

Mantle Vases- Target

Semi-circle Wood Hall Table- American Signature Home

Colorful Vase & Flowers- Hobby Lobby

Zebra Print- Made By Girl

Gold “H”- Hobby Lobby

Gold Sinuous Metal Sconce- Horchow

Teal Throw- HomeGoods

Yellow Throw- Target

Window Table- Nadeau Buckhead

Gold Distressed Lamp, Green Flowers, Wood Candleholders and Teal Box- HomeGoods

Green Striped Pillow- Surya

Watercolor Ikat Pillow Fabric (Custom Made)- Candy Kirby Designs

White Taped Throw Pillow- Target

Black Sofa Table- Nadeau Buckhead

Sofa Table Decor- TJMaxx & HomeGoods

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Renovating Our House Into A Home

Better late than never, I am FINALLY sharing our living room renovation!  I’ve definitely posted a gazillion pictures of our living room between my Christmas home tour and my weekly social media posts of my girls cuddling and doing flips on our sectional.  Now you get to see our before pictures, the renovation process and everything in between.

When we decided to move from our former neighborhood, we wanted property and seclusion.  Finding a home in our area with more than an acre proved to be rather difficult.  We either loved the home or loved the land.  Never both.  We pondered building but knowing us, we would’ve spent an absolute fortune choosing everything from the ground up.  Once we saw this home, my husband drooled over the pasture and jeep trails and I fell in love with this living room.  A wall of windows + coffered ceiling + open floor plan = okay I think I can make this work!


photo_2[2]Before Den 1

Since I have an absolute ton of pictures to share, I’ve decided to make this a double blog post.  For today I am going to cover the construction details and my next post will be all about the fun stuff from furnishings to accessories!  My vision for the room was to create the WOW factor.  The wow for this room is in the details so highlighting those features was key: windows, bookcases and ceiling.  I’ve always loved the look of dark window sashes.  I think everything I had pinned for my dream home had this detail so that was #1 on the list.  Following the amazing windows, I knew I wanted to really showcase the coffered ceiling.  Before, the coffer details disappeared with the cream color scheme.  I chose the same dark paint for the insets of the coffers so they would POP!  Using such a dark color also brings the ceiling down visually creating a warmer, more “homie” feeling.


Walls: Ponder by Sherwin Williams

Read more about our wall color: “PONDER-ing your wall color?”

Window Sash: Custom Mix of 1/2 Stunning Shade 1/2 Darkroom by Sherwin Williams

Trim: Downy by Sherwin Williams

Ceiling: Minute Mauve by Sherwin Williams

Read more about our windows, walls and doors: “To The Window… To The Wall”

photo 1 (8)photo 3 (4)

Read more about our kitchen renovation: “Dreaming of A White Kitchen”


Continuing on with my Pinterest wish list, I’ve always loved dark wood floors.  I just adore the contrast between light walls and trim with rich, beautiful wood floors.  So once the painting was complete, we had all of the wood flooring re-finished.  I chose a Jacobean stain with a high gloss finish for the entire main level.  The result is honestly breathtaking.  When the’re clean that is.  I honestly can’t say if I would choose the same finish if I were to renovate again today.  It’s a true love/hate relationship.  Freshly cleaned and mopped, they’re like “woah” in a great way.  Once the kids have smashed some cheerios and we’ve tracked the outdoors in, they’re like “WOAH” and not in a good way.  Just wanted to share that little miss moment in case you are pondering a stain color.

photo 4 (2)photo 1 (7)photo 5 (1)photo 2 (8)


Walls have been painted and floors have been stained and now the fireplace/bookcase area are a whole lot of cream on white on cream.  If you are new to my blog, let’s just say that I don’t really do neutral.  My mind was swimming in options so I ordered seven different, and I mean totally different, wallpaper swatches from Spoonflower.  You can see four of the seven displayed below.  Spoonflower is a site that allows you to create your own patterns and graphics, upload your designs and have them printed as fabric, wallpaper and more.  The idea is pretty much genius and the even better part is that you and I can shop thousands of unique prints.  I have become quite bored with seeing the same prints on multiple websites so I fell in love with shopping on this site for my home.  Wallpaper Swatches (from left to right):

1. Moroccan Rose Motif

2. Discontinued

3. Emerald Ikat

4. Ikat Damask- Gray Skies

photo 3 (3)

I decided on this beautiful cool gray ikat print for the insides of the bookcases…

Gray Ikat Wallpaper


photo 4

AFTER (Sneak Peek)

Den 13

To Be Continued…

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Monday, January 26, 2015

My Little “Rug-Session”

*Note: RE-POSTING from December to answer all of your recent questions on my cabin posts*

It’s now officially December, yay!  Some like to call this the Holiday month, the last month of the year or maybe even the month to relax and enjoy time off.  The Hayes family likes to call it the month of complete and total insanity!  We have the obvious… Christmas, New Years Eve, etc.  Plus, we also pack on Addison’s birthday December 7th and our wedding anniversary December 22nd each year.  Why don’t we just top all of that off with a new home renovation starting next Tuesday and a week long anniversary trip.   I think I need a nap just talking about it.

As I mentioned in Hayes Extreme Cabin Makeover, we are renovating a cabin and the start date is next Tuesday.  We close at 11am and my husband is literally driving straight there and staying for a week to complete all of the work.  And when I say “renovating”, what I meant to say was a complete overhaul.  There won’t be a thing untouched by our makeover.  We have been super busy planning and designing over the last month.  We are going to have all of the construction materials, appliances, furniture, everything at the home on the start date.  So, what that has meant for me is a whole lot of what I do best…  Home Decor Shopping!

First up, RUGS!  You know how much I LOOOVE color, so rugs are the perfect way to add a pop of color and pattern to a space.  Especially our cabin which I am planning on painting white.  Eeek, I seriously never ever thought I’d say those words but I am hoping the bright white will make the natural features of the space, like the beams and wood trim, really pop.  So here’s the ones I’ve purchased for this soon-to-be “Aztec Chic” space (with the exception of the Kilim Rugs which are similar to mine that is now sold out)… (Click to View/Purchase)

Majuli Crewel Rug

Nestos Rug

Handwoven Dhurrie

photo (2)

Kilim Rug

(NOTE*  I’ve had a LOT of questions about this rug from my recent cabin posts.  This link takes you to WHERE I purchased our living room rug and they carry lots of different turkish style rugs.  They may not have this EXACT rug since most are original turkish rugs.

nuLOOM Marbella Verden Ikat Smoke Brown/Tan Area Rug

Ikat Smoke Rug

nuLOOM Marbella Verden Ikat Navy Area Rug

Ikat Navy Rug

nuLOOM Trellis Yellow Leah Area Rug

Yellow Trellis Rug

nuLOOM Modella Grey Veron Rug

Veron Rug



Also, here’s another little sneak peek at the cabin.  We went back out last week and I took pictures of everything with my real camera…

BC10 BC11 BC12 BC14 BC15 BC16

XOXO, Brittany Hayes