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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Shop Our Wonderland

You know when you find a dress, it fits good, looks good but you just can’t decide if it’s “the one”?  But then you realize that it’s SOLD OUT and you’re like wait a second, now I have to have that dress!  It’s funny how that works.  When something isn’t available it makes you want it that much more.  Well, apparently that’s how it works with Addison’s Wonderland bedding and decor as well.  Now that it’s practically gone, my e-mail has been absolutely blowing up with product questions, people wanting to order and questions about the SHOP link on the blog.  Well, first things first.  The SHOP link above on this blog will be coming soon.  I am working on getting it completed and launched within the next couple of weeks.  However, it will not be Addison’s Wonderland bedding.  Instead I will be offering fabric by the yard because I literally have thousands of yards I need to sell off and various home decor, lighting, rugs and furniture that I just love!


Now back to the bedding.  Yes, I have quite a few products remaining in stock.  I honestly don’t have an absolute ton but definitely enough to make some beautiful bedrooms.  There’s a pretty good assortment of baby items, big girl bedding, cornices, pillows and window treatments.  This summer I thought long and hard about how to sell off the remaining items.  The website wasn’t ideal because there are items we have that were never even loaded onto the website.  Facebook is not the most fabulous venue for direct selling because those type posts only reach a very small portion of our fan base.  So I decided to start a new Instagram page, @shopourwonderland.  That way I will have all products focused on that page and they will only be viewed by those interested in purchasing.  After the initial bedding sale I intend to use the page to re-sell extra home decor items from my home and design projects.



1.  Monday, September 22nd at 10:00am EST, I will start loading items one by one onto our new Instagram page @shopourwonderland

2.  To purchase, please comment on the post with “SOLD” and your paypal address.

3.  The first person to comment will receive a paypal invoice for the item.  Payments must be made within 12 hours.

4.  All unpaid items will be re-listed on Instagram on Tuesday, September 23rd at 10:00am EST.

5.  Orders will ship within 1-2 weeks.


Please let me know if you have any questions at all!  Although I am sad to say goodbye to these last AW items, I am so happy that so many of you are excited to get your hands on some!

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

To The Window… To The Wall…

I have probably not actually heard that song since my early college years yet it’s the first thing that comes to mind when I say the words window and wall in the same sentence.  Terrible I know.  And please don’t continue on with the lyrics because it goes a little downhill after that.  A lot downhill.

Okay, now on to more important things…  Windows, Ceilings and Doors.  If this article were a novel, the prologue would be my recent blog post “Ponder”ing your Wall Color?  Or if this were New Moon, the other blog post would be Twilight.  Get the idea?  You must read the first one before you read this one.  My ceiling, door and window colors are from the same paint card as Ponder which has some mega undertones.

When I started blogging I had a list in my phone of the first hundred or so articles I wanted to post.  However, that pretty much went out the window when I saw the questions I was getting most.  And since my goal is to help you, I decided to change it up!  One of the questions I have gotten most is about our paint colors so here is PART TWO!


Over the last year or so, I constantly found myself pinning or screen-shotting (is that a word?) homes with dark window sashes.  I knew I wanted light trim overall to keep the home light and bright but I love the elegance of dark molding.


Before Den


Windows 1

Mirror: JOSS & MAIN, Click HERE to View/Purchase

Windows 3

Window Sash: Custom Mix of 1/2 Stunning Shade 1/2 Darkroom by Sherwin Williams

Trim: Downy by Sherwin Williams


As I’ve mentioned before, I wanted a fairly neutral canvas for our home to serve as a backdrop for my fun palette of colors. Using one paint card for most of the home is the best way to create that vanilla for all of the sprinkles.  For all of the ceilings in our home, with the exception of the decorative ceilings, I chose the second lightest paint color on the card, Minute Mauve.

Upstairs Hallway

Ceilings: Minute Mauve by Sherwin Williams

Rug: Rug Studio, Click HERE to View/Purchase

One thing I adore about our home is the open floor plan and the beautiful coffered ceiling in our living room.  Before they had it all painted cream and light taupe so it all just blended into the oblivion.  I wanted it to POP!


Before Ceiling



Coffered Insets: Custom Mix of 1/2 Stunning Shade 1/2 Darkroom by Sherwin Williams


Another detail on my dream house wish list was dark, almost black, doors.  I’ve always loved homes with this detail and I thought it would be the best way to add some architectural interest to our otherwise boring plain wooden doors.


Before Den 1


Doors 1

 Doors 2

Doors 3

Doors: Custom Mix of 1/2 Stunning Shade 1/2 Darkroom by Sherwin Williams

Rug: Rug Studio, Click HERE to View/Purchase

Once again, thank you all SO much for reading my blog, loving my home and giving me such encouraging feedback.  Until next time!

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Swanky Baby Vintage + AW

 SBV Banner 2_edited-1

Would you like to win an ADORABLE outfit from Swanky Baby Vintage?

It takes less than 60 seconds to enter!

If you answered NO to the question above, you either A) don’t have a little girl AND don’t know anyone with a little girl or B) you haven’t had your morning cup of Joe and aren’t thinking clearly quite yet.  For everyone who answered YES!, the details are simple and there is no hidden print.  You could be opening a package with your name on it with one of these beautiful fall outfits!


Two and a half years ago, I had the privilege of working with Swanky Baby Vintage for our Bella Collection bedding.  We worked with quite a few vendors during my years designing little girl’s rooms and they were all pretty amazing.  I have to say though, SBV was one of my favorites and the owner, Holli, and I hit it off.  Well, in that I know you by your profile picture and we chat on private messaging kind of way.  It went that way for a couple of years, a comment here, a message there until this past April when I was in full Addison’s Wonderland freak out mode.  I’d hit that point that I mentioned in my Meet Addison’s Wonderland post and I needed some advice.  I remember pulling over in a parking lot on my way home one afternoon and jabbering Holli’s head off for what seemed like forever.  Our talk helped me more than she will ever know and I just love that I found a genuine friend that day.  The point of the story is that isn’t it so fun to not only buy precious clothes, but to also know that the owner is a sweet, genuine person too?  That always makes me love the product that much more.


How To Enter

1.  Visit Swanky Baby’s Website HERE, and drool over all of their gorgeous dresses, tops and pants.  Then remember the name of your favorite piece.

2.  Come back HERE, to AW’s Blog, and comment on this post with your favorite piece and what you love about it!  I will start things off…

3.  That’s All!  Yes, it’s as easy as that.  No hidden print… no following 25 people on Facebook…  It’s as simple as click, click, comment.  Oh and you should follow SBV on Facebook though just for fun and because they always post great sales and contests.  Follow HERE.

The TWO WINNERS will be selected on Thursday, October 2nd because that’s my birthday and I want to make someone’s day!  We will post the winner at the bottom of this post on that day so make sure and check back to see if you won!

The winners will receive one of the two outfits shown in the second image above.  The winners and the outfit they will receive will be chosen at random.  Outfits are available in sizes 18/24m to 6/7.  If the outfit is not available in the size you need, we will offer a comparably priced outfit for the winner.

Thanks everyone SO much for entering!  Feel free to click SHARE below to help your family and friends with a chance to win!


XOXO, Brittany Hayes (AW) & Holli Revell (SBV)

Monday, September 15, 2014

Winty Turns Two!

Winter's Party 7

Addison got everything.  My oldest daughter, Addison AnnaBelle who turns seven in December, is my first born and caught me with way more energy and time than I could dream of having these days.  Therefore she got it all… the fancy birthdays, the 100 page scrapbook, clothes for days and handmade hair bows to last at least until she’s 25.  Poor Winter doesn’t even have a photo album.  Yet.  So when it came time for her second birthday, I did as I’ve done for the last two years and waited until the absolute last second to plan it.  HOWEVER, with a little help from a super talented friend, etsy and Walmart, Winter may never know that mommy has a huge dose of “second kid syndrome”.

The three, and only three, things that I actually did in advance was ordering the invitations, printing the “décor” and ordering the cake.  I found a cute downloadable invite on etsy, HERE, and printed them myself on card stock.  I think they turned out pretty cute!


Winter's Invite

As I mentioned before, a sweet and very talented friend of mine started a baking company, Cherry On Top Bakery, and created this sweet little masterpiece.  It wasn’t just adorable, it was delicious too!


Winter's Cake


When I printed the invitations, I also downloaded and printed a Mickey Party Pack from etsy, HERE, to use as the party décor.  Cutting them all out was a whole nother story but they were very easy to purchase and download!  I used them as a banner with her name, flags for the straws, food toppers and menu tags.  For the table cloth, I simply cut out an 8′ piece of 54″ wide gold chevron fabric I use in my Claire Bedding Collection.

Walmart was my best friend on Saturday.  I loaded up all of the party food, a cute Minnie piñata, Minnie buckets for favors, a helium machine, balloons and party favors.  It was my one stop party shop!  And I have to say, their cake pops and cake bites in the small freezer section by the bakery are DEVINE!  Everyone thought I had ordered them from a local bakery.

Winter's Party 3

Winter's Party 1

Winter's Party 5

Winter's Party 6


From the castle jumpy to the piñata to Winter’s birthday jeep, all of the little ones had a blast!

Winter's Party 8


Winter's Jeep 1


 Family Pic

Thanks for sharing our sweet Winter Hailyn’s 2nd Birthday with us!  She had a blast!


Friday, September 12, 2014

My Garage Sale Masterpiece

Me and paint are not friends.  I would rather sew for days, stage a room for weeks and design for years than paint for a single day.  HOWEVER, from time to time I find a piece worth slaving over.  Quite a few years ago, I found a treasure of a dresser and nightstand at a local garage sale for $200 TOTAL.  What a steal!!  It took me several months to get motivated enough and find the time to choose colors and get to paining.

As many of you heard on my Shark Tank pitch, my sweet little Addison climbed out of her crib at 23 months old and I started on her big girl room.  The rest of that story is the story behind Addison’s Wonderland but creating her wonderland sure did not happen overnight.  Chasing after a busy two year old and sewing during her naps sure didn’t get the project done quickly.  Here is her room when I first started on it and also a BEFORE picture of the nightstand.


Addie's Dresser

Addie's Dresser 2


A good sanding.  This piece was slightly glossy so it took a little more sanding than usual.  Of course I removed the hardware first and then used a sanding block like this 3M Sandblaster.  I didn’t completely sand the finish off, but just “roughed it up” enough to hold the new paint.



Paint.  I fell in love with this beautiful turquoise color by Sherwin Williams called Refresh.  It’s the perfect accent color for her green walls and colorful fabrics.


Refresh by Sherwin Williams


Antique.  I consider this step my “cheating at antiquing”.  My idea of true antiquing would be to sand and stain or paint the raw wood underneath.  OR to sand down to the original paint color underneath.  What’s my cheat secret?

Metallic Paint

I buy this DecoArt Elegant Finish Metallic Paint at Hobby Lobby for only $7.99!  Plus you can download a 40% coupon code HERE.  I purchased the Champagne Gold color for this project.

To get the antique look, simply use a dry rag, dip it into the paint and wipe along all the “high spots”.  I usually slightly gob it on along all of the edges and detailed moldings and then wipe off the excess.

Dresser Detail 1

Dresser Detail 2


Stencil.  You know me, I can’t keep things plain and simple.  I always add a little pop!  I found this Flora Damask Stencil by CUTTING EDGE STENCILS to add to the center of the dresser.  A little Ballet Slipper by GLIDDEN, a foam roller, tape and I was all set!

Ballet Slipper


Dresser Detail 3


Hardware.  Hobby Lobby is always good for some cute knobs!  I found these ivory scalloped knobs at my local Hobby Lobby store.  If you notice in some images, the knobs had an extra piece below the front screw.  We recently removed this piece after it scratched Addie several times.  So that’s all folks!  A little elbow grease helped me create the perfect custom pieces for my daughter’s big girl room.  We still love these pieces over five years later!  Over the years with Addison’s Wonderland bedding, I can’t even tell you how many e-mails and calls I had wanting to order these pieces.  Enjoy!




Dresser 1

XOXO, Brittany