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Monday, October 20, 2014

Be Our Guest

Guest Room 16

 Sit back, grab a grande iced caramel macchiato non-fat no whip and be our guest…

As I talked about in my Welcome Home post several weeks ago, in December 2013 we found our dream home.  The problem was that my head saw our dream home yet our eyes did not.  After having described what we were looking for in mega detail to our realtor and looking at tons of homes in a thirty mile radius, I’m pretty sure she thought I’d lost it when I fell in love with this one.  Beautiful property- check, privacy- check, good “bones”- check, fresh/clean/my style/move in ready- ummmm no.  Honestly, I think that’s what I loved most.  The fact that we could renovate and make it our own little wonderland.  As far as the existing color scheme, I’m pretty sure fall threw up in our house.  The walls were every shade of burnt amber, pumpkin, spice, forest green, apple red and everything in between.  So first things first, PAINT!




The overall look I had in mind was “Hotel Chic”.  We have quite a few friends and family who stay over often so I really wanted a room that felt fresh, clean and chic.  Think checking into the W Hotel in Atlanta for a night, open the door to Room #345 and voila!

I chose the same paint color we have throughout the home for the main walls in the room.  Make sure and read “Ponder-ing Your Wall Color?” before you go and buy this paint color.  No seriously, read it.  All of the paint colors for this room are listed below.  Anyways, I wanted a neutral color on the walls and then a pop of fun on the accent wall.   I also have a love affair with black ceilings.  It is so chic and fun plus it adds height to a room and a modern elegance that I just love!  For that pop of fun, I found this amazing gold wallpaper called Petal Pusher (Gold) from Hygge & West.  We have teamed up with Hygge & West to offer all of our readers a discount!

Use Code: ADDISONHYGGE for 10% Off at


Main Walls: Ponder by Sherwin Williams

Trim: Downy by Sherwin Williams

Ceiling: Inkwell by Sherwin Williams

Doors: Custom Mix of 1/2 Stunning Shade and 1/2 Darkroom by Sherwin Williams

Wallpaper: Petal Pusher (Gold) by Hygge & West


The room was painted, the wallpaper complete and now it was time for the best part…  all the details.  First I found this GORGEOUS Chandelier in a silver leaf finish with gold accents that accentuated the gold wallpaper just perfectly.  I then found a beautiful cool grey velvet that has the same undertones as the ceiling paint color for the ottoman and headboard.  I had these pieces custom made for the room.  There is just something about tufted headboards that make my glamorous alter ego smile.

Next up was the bedding and drapery.  Since the walls and ceiling were busy and I wanted a very fresh look, I chose simple white window treatments, as well as a white quilt and shams.   This also gave me a good white canvas to add a pop of color and print with the pillows.  You know how I LOVE a good pop of color!

Guest Room 2

Lighting- Murray Feiss

Drapery- West Elm

Quilt & Shams- Joss & Main

Rug- Surya

Headboard & Ottoman Fabric- (links to similar)

Striped Pillows- Surya

Purple Ikat Pillow- Candy Kirby Designs

Deer Head- Home Goods

Lamps- Target

Side Tables- One King’s Lane (links to similar)

Table Accessories- Home Goods/TJMaxx

Gold Sconces- Home Goods/TJMaxx

Sunburst Mirror- Hayneedle (links to similar)

Guest Room 1

Guest Room 3

Guest Room 4

Guest Room 5

Guest Room 6

Guest Room 7

Guest Room 8

Guest Room 9

Guest Room 10

Guest Room 11

Guest Room 12

Guest Room 13

Guest Room 14

Guest Room 15

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Friday, October 17, 2014

Fall, Flannel and a Pop of Sequin

Fashion Fridays by Guest Editor: Maghan Sisk

Sequin Outfit 6

There is absolutely nothing better than the crisp feeling of Fall in the air and finally being able to wear flannel! Fall is my favorite time of the year here in Georgia. I love to just throw on a flannel shirt and I especially fell in love with this one with its sequin flare. It can be dressed up or dressed down.

 Sequin Outfit 2

Top- Express, Jeans- American Eagle, Vest- Old Navy, Purse- Nordstrom, Necklace- Stella & Dot, Watch- Nordstrom, Bracelet -Stella & Dot, Shoes- Zappos, Lipstick- Macys, Ring- Stella & Dot, Nail Polish- Opi

For more on the Foyer decor… THE FOYER FINALE

For more on the Dining Room decor…  OUR DINING ROOM REVEAL

Sequin Outfit 3

Sequin Outfit 1

Sequin Outfit 4

Sequin Outfit 5

Intro Pic


Yours Truly, Maghan Sisk

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Meet Our New Guest Editor…

Fashion Fridays by Guest Editor: Maghan Sisk

Intro Pic

Hi my name is Maghan Sisk and welcome to Fashion Fridays! I am so honored to be a part of the best (I might be a little bit biased) design blog every Friday!  I have always had a passion for the fashion industry and it wasn’t until recently that I discovered this whole new world of fashion bloggers. I have found myself shopping more and more online and getting more creative with my outfits. Brittany and I are hoping to stir up your creative side with a little Fashion Fridays with fun outfit ideas, accessories and general fashion advice. Fashion doesn’t always have to mean expensive. I used to get so overwhelmed with clothes, but now, I just find inspiration and go from there. We would love to hear your feedback and advice. At the end of the day, when you look great you feel great and we hope our Fashion Fridays inspire you. Thank you!

Intro Pic 2

Yours Truly, Maghan Sisk

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shop Our Wonderland

You know when you find a dress, it fits good, looks good but you just can’t decide if it’s “the one”?  But then you realize that it’s SOLD OUT and you’re like wait a second, now I have to have that dress!  It’s funny how that works.  When something isn’t available it makes you want it that much more.  Well, apparently that’s how it works with Addison’s Wonderland bedding and decor as well.  Now that it’s practically gone, my e-mail has been absolutely blowing up with product questions, people wanting to order and questions about the SHOP link on the blog.  Well, first things first.  The SHOP link above on this blog will be coming soon.  I am working on getting it completed and launched within the next couple of weeks.  However, it will not be Addison’s Wonderland bedding.  Instead I will be offering fabric by the yard because I literally have thousands of yards I need to sell off and various home decor, lighting, rugs and furniture that I just love!


Now back to the bedding.  Yes, I have quite a few products remaining in stock.  I honestly don’t have an absolute ton but definitely enough to make some beautiful bedrooms.  There’s a pretty good assortment of baby items, big girl bedding, cornices, pillows and window treatments.  This summer I thought long and hard about how to sell off the remaining items.  The website wasn’t ideal because there are items we have that were never even loaded onto the website.  Facebook is not the most fabulous venue for direct selling because those type posts only reach a very small portion of our fan base.  So I decided to start a new Instagram page, @shopourwonderland.  That way I will have all products focused on that page and they will only be viewed by those interested in purchasing.  After the initial bedding sale I intend to use the page to re-sell extra home decor items from my home and design projects.



1. THURSDAY, OCTOBER 16th at 10:00am EST, I will start loading items one by one onto our new Instagram page @shopourwonderland

2.  To purchase, please comment on the post with “SOLD” and your paypal address.

3.  The first person to comment will receive a paypal invoice for the item.  Payments must be made within 12 hours.

4.  All items are FINAL SALE and will be greatly discounted.

5.  Orders will ship within 1-2 weeks.


Please let me know if you have any questions at all!  Although I am sad to say goodbye to these last AW items, I am so happy that so many of you are excited to get your hands on some!

Treasure Box


The Addison Collection

The Addison Baby Collection

Baby Bumpers, Crib Skirts, Drapery Panels, Princess Cornices, Baby Cornice, Hand Painted Letters (O, D and N), Baby Blanket, Flower Trim, Bumper Ribbon and Pink Ruffle Trim

Fabrics: Tangerine Damask Fabric (200+ yds), Green Floral Fabric (87 yds), Ivory Poppies Fabric (500 yds), Pink Velveteen (500 yds) and Pink Velvet (50 yds)

The Claire Collection

The Claire Collection

Euro Sham, Tieback Pair, Changing Pads, Baby Blanket, Crib Skirts, Baby Bumpers and Sequin Trim

Fabric: Floral Fabric (600 yds), Chevron Fabric (40 yds), Teal Medallion Fabric (122 yds) and Golden Faux Suede (40 yds)

The Anna Collection

The Anna Collection

Crib Skirt, Baby Bumper, Lumbar Pillow, Changing Pads and Drapery Panel Pair

Fabric: Twig Fabric (29 yds), Green Floral Fabric (100 yds), Purple Geometric Floral Fabric (160 yds) and Light Pink Faux Silk (200 yds)

The Anslie Collection

The Anslie Collection

Standard Sham, Baby Blanket, Drapery Panel Pair, Changing Pad, Twin Duvet Cover and Twin Bed Skirt

Fabric: Blue/Green Floral Fabric (800 yds), Aqua/Gold Fabric (1 yd) and Purple Faux Suede (40 yds)

The Ava Collection

The Ava Collection

Twin Duvet Cover, Twin Bed Skirt and Crib Skirt

Fabric: Blue/Green Floral Fabric (800 yds), Solid Orange (60 yds), Solid Peach (60 yds), Solid Pink (60 yds), Solid Chartreuse (40 yds), Light Purple Floral Fabric (400 yds)

The AnnaBelle Collection

The AnnaBelle Baby Collection

Crib Skirt and Baby Bumper

Fabric: Blue Floral Fabric (160 yds) and Green/Hot Pink Fabric (140 yds)

The Bella Collection

The Bella Collection 1

Fabric: Green Floral Fabric (17 yds), Blue Floral Fabric (3.5 yds) and Dark Purple Faux Suede (1 yd)

The Adilyn Collection

Fabric: Blue Floral Fabric (175 yds), Honeycomb Fabric (105 yds) and Grey Damask Fabric (110 yds)

The Anniston Collection

The Anniston Collection

Twin Bed Skirt, Cornices, Ruffle Trim and Aqua Bumper Ribbon

Fabric: Ruffle Fabric (6 yds), Dots Fabric (35 yds),  and Hot Pink Faux Suede Fabric (1.5 yds)

The Anderson Collection

The Anderson Collection 1

Drapery Panel Pair

Fabric: Numbers Fabric (45 yds), Striped Fabric (40 yds), Grey Faux Suede Fabric (35 yds) and Leopard Fabric (140 yds)

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The Great Wall of Plates

Plates 4

A good mix of color and pattern is my theme song.  I love to mix things up, especially in a relatively traditional and neutral home.  So when my sister and I got the opportunity to decorate a wall in a relative’s new home, we got excited and then got to shopping!  I wanted to do something unique with a touch of whimsy.  We hit up TJMaxx Home Goods and Target for a fun mix of plates in different shapes, sizes, colors and patterns.


photo 2(1)


We purchased a good assortment of plates from both stores and ended up not using all of them.  Better to have too many than not enough!  We also found these plate hangers at Michael’s that are perfect for this little project.

photo 1(1)

photo 5(1)


We first laid out all of the plates on the floor to determine the layout and design.  We decided on a symmetrical layout and chose to focus the colors along the bottom of the design to create good visual weight and balance.

photo 3(1)

photo 4(1)


Here’s a quick shopping guide and available links…

Yellow Plate- Target

Aqua Plate- Target

 Plates with Names_edited-1

Plates 1

Plates 2

Plates 3

Plates 5

Plates 6

XOXO, Brittany Hayes