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Thursday, February 26, 2015

The Heart of Our Home

Re-Post from January 28, 2015:

Den 11

Yesterday I took you on a tour of our renovation process and today is the fun part!  New paint and refinished hardwoods were both completed prior to us moving in.  Once all of those major construction details were finished up it was time to shop, shop, shop.  There honestly wasn’t too much living room furniture that we transferred to our new home from our previous one.  As I talked about before, our former home was about eight years old and my style had changed quite drastically from my 20’s to my 30’s.  Our ottoman, distressed blue hall table and black/gold mirror were the only repeats.  Here’s the full before/after view…

Den Before and After_edited-1


Although my obsession with color is quite extreme, I do strongly believe in some great neutral basics.  Throw on some fun summer, spring or Christmas pillows, add a colorful  throw and you can completely change up the look.  Our sectional was my first purchase and we absolutely LOVE it!  When I was pregnant with Addison eight years ago we purchased our first sectional.  I always envisioned these as huge, fluffy, pop-up foot rest, eye sores.  However, I found more streamlined options and one week in I was obsessed.  We now have two in our home and two in our cabin.  This one is the Elliott Fabric Sectional from Macy’s.  I think the color is either creme or stone.  I honestly can’t remember!

I’d like to take a quick moment and address a question I am bombarded with ALL the time…  “How do you keep white furniture so clean with kiddos??”  First, I am crazy about two things in my home: toting food around the house and wearing shoes inside.  I always have been and always will be a stickler on those two things.  And let’s be honest, our breakfast room table is a whopping six feet behind our sofa.   Mickey might be about 1″ smaller from that vantage point but I think my kiddos can handle that.  So given those two things, we don’t really have any problems with keeping things relatively stain free.  They get dirty fingers and marker spots every so often but this fabric always cleans up nicely.  No lie my hubby spilled an ENTIRE glass of red wine on it once and it all came off.  Microfiber, faux siede and textiles like that with a short pile are much easier to clean than a cotton duck fabric.  I do always purchase the Macy’s furniture protection plan which is HUGELY helpful and will help any “uh oh” moments for up to five years!

Den 3

Okay, moving right along…  my inspiration color that I used to tie together each room on our main level is Really Teal by Sherwin Williams.  Even with the wonderland we have going on in our home, this common theme helps create a sense of cohesion.  I found these AMAZING teal chairs from Joss & Main and I knew they would be the perfect touch to accent our fireplace wall.  They are seriously TO. DIE. FOR.  We don’t sit in them often but they are comfortable and such a statement piece.  With these accent pieces, I can then add any complimentary color to the room and it all works with the room and with the adjoining rooms.  There’s a little peek at my color secrets!  The gold striped pillows on each chair are from HomeGoods and the fringe throw is from Anthropologie.  For more details on the bookcase wallpaper, read “Renovating Our House Into A Home.”

Den 4

Next up on the social media comment list, OUR RUG!  Holy moly do I get asked about our rug.  It’s the Hibuscus Gray Area Rug from Wayfair and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it!  It’s the perfect patterned, yet still completely neutral, soft and cozy area rug.  WARNING: it sheds more than a log haired German Shepard for the first month!  And yes, I know because we have one.  However, once you vacuum, vacuum and vacuum some more it will all be okay and your sanity will return.

Den 17

Another big statement piece in our living room and something I almost love as much as my first born is our chandelier.  Kidding, kidding…  BUT it is pretty dang amazing.  We had a ceiling fan installed and it quit working in no time (wonder who did that?!?) so my hubby let me replace it with this wood beaded beauty.  It’s larger than it looks in pictures too.  I always encourage clients to play with scale in a large room and especially a large room like this with high ceilings.  Something small would be totally lost in the room.  This piece measures 46″ tall.  You can read more about this installation in “Oh Happy Day”.

Wood Bead Chandelier from Horchow

Sconce Lighting…

Sinuous Metal Sconce- Horchow

Den 21

Last and most certainly NEVER least, accessorizing!  Aside from lighting, accessorizing is my absolute favorite part of design.  If you are afraid of incorporating color but would love to, adding pops of color through throw pillows and decor is the easiest way to do so.  I wish I could take you on the crazy tour of how my brain works pulling things together.  That’s one question I get asked so often but it’s hard to sum up in a blog post.  Like I said I would start with an inspiration color or inspiration piece and some great basics.  Use pops of that color here and there and then to fill in, buy what you love.  I usually purchase things that catch my eye and then find a spot for them later.  Usually once a room is somewhat accesorized, I am able to fill in knowing exactly what is missing and exactly what I am looking for.  And what’s the worst that can happen?  If it doesn’t work, return it!  I also love mixing patterns and things that don’t “match”.  Matchy-matchy is not my personal cup of tea.  Don’t worry I will be doing a lengthy post soon on mixing patterns.  In the meantime, here’s a full living room tour and scroll WAY on down for the lengthy break-down of where it ALL came from…

Den 5 Den 6 Den 7  Den 9

Den 1Den 10  Den 12   Den 15 Den 16  Den 18 Den 19 Den 20  Den 22 Den 23


Wood Beaded Chandelier- Horchow

Sectional- Macy’s

Teal Chairs- Joss & Main

Area Rug-Wayfair

Fringe Throw- Anthropologie

Sunburst Mirror- Wayfair

Topiary- Local Antique Store

Bookshelf Decor- Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, HomeGoods, etc.

Fireplace Screen- Joss & Main

Teal Tray- Local Antique Store

White Flowers- HomeGoods

Small Snowflake White Tray- Target

Black/Gold Mirror- Bombay Company

Gold Chevron Poufs- Target

Antique Blue Table- A Sweet Friend

Wall Sconces & Florals- Hobby Lobby

Seahorse Lamps- HomeGoods

Brown Leather Ottoman- Macy’s

Bookcase Wallpaper- Spoonflower

Gold Floral Accent Wall Wallpaper- Anthropologie

Accent Wall Frame- Hobby Lobby

Mantle Candleholder- America’s Mart

Mantle Vases- Target

Semi-circle Wood Hall Table- American Signature Home

Colorful Vase & Flowers- Hobby Lobby

Zebra Print- Made By Girl

Gold “H”- Hobby Lobby

Gold Sinuous Metal Sconce- Horchow

Teal Throw- HomeGoods

Yellow Throw- Target

Window Table- Nadeau Buckhead

Gold Distressed Lamp, Green Flowers, Wood Candleholders and Teal Box- HomeGoods

Green Striped Pillow- Surya

Watercolor Ikat Pillow Fabric (Custom Made)- Candy Kirby Designs

White & Gray Taped Throw Pillow- Target

Black Sofa Table- Nadeau Buckhead

Sofa Table Decor- TJMaxx & HomeGoods

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Our Master Makeover

Re-Post from January 13, 2015:


(ALL Product Links Listed Below)

And my home tour continues…  I am super duper excited to share our master bedroom makeover with everyone.  I have to say that this is one of my absolute favorite rooms in our home.  I’ve always completely neglected our bedroom because I felt like no one ever sees it and well,  it honestly usually stays a complete disaster.  This time around I was so excited and inspired by the large room and beautiful fireplace that I decided to tackle it first.  I had started to renovate our bedroom in our former home so I had a little bit of a head start with the headboard and bedding.  Fortunately/unfortunately the master in our new home needed a little help to coordinate with my design plans.  As I talked about in previous posts, our home was originally every shade of brown, tan and orange…


photo 1 (3)

photo 2 (1)


So paint was absolutely FIRST on my list!  I have a tad obsession with color so I tried to keep most of our home a neutral base using “shades of gray” on the same Sherwin Williams paint card.  Once I saw the name of this deeper tone I knew it would be perfection for a master bedroom…

Walls: Sensuous Gray by Sherwin Williams

Trim Color: Downy by Sherwin Williams

Lower Ceiling: Minute Mauve by Sherwin Williams

Vaulted Ceiling: CARDBOARD METALLIC by Sherwin Williams with a basecoat of CARDBOARD by Sherwin Williams



With such a large room, space planning can be a little overwhelming.  First of all, I almost always suggest having the bed oriented to be seen from the doorway when possible.  The bed can be such a beautiful focal point in a room so I love seeing that right when you open the door whether it be on a wall opposite the door like ours, or on a wall visible from the doorway.  Once the bed was in place and centered along the back wall, I wanted to create nooks to make the space feel more quaint and comfortable.  First, we placed our largest dresser on the long empty wall adjacent to our doorway.  The wall is so long that I also flanked the dresser with two chairs.  Although I am not completely finished with this area of the room, the basics are in place.  These chairs were in our dining room before so for this room, I had them recovered to coordinate with our bedding.  And yes, those are sconces above the chairs and yes, they are still empty.  I keep thinking about painting them but can’t quite decide!


Once again, with such a large wall on the bed side, I wanted to “extend” the width of the bed visually with large bedside tables.  I found this gorgeous vanity table and mirror at a local antique store and thought it would be perfect for my side of the bed!  Not to mention the fact that I was able to relocate all of my “getting ready” essentials to this piece and save some bathroom space.  That’s a win win for me and my hubby!


Once this was complete, I wanted to extend the visual of the bed out to take up more floor space.  I am telling you this room is huge and awkward and needed all the help it could get to not look like a bowling alley.  I found this amazing gray bench at HomeGoods and placed it at the foot of the bed.  I had used this piece in our breakfast room in our former home and loved finding a place for it here too!  I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with the bench as it has now become our hamper.



And now to the fun part!  Did I mention that I LURVE color?!?  I mean really though…  Does it not make you so happy to see bright beautiful pops of color?  Well, it definitely does me and this color combination is pure eye candy.   I found this gorgeous fabric HERE (Suzani Harmony/Red) and it was my inspiration for the room.  Since our walls are a cool gray, using this fabric as an accent with a warm red really POPS!

I wanted a really enormous bed.  Like really, really huge so after searching here, there and everywhere with no luck I designed this headboard and had it custom made using this fabric HERE (Dupioni Snow White).  It is a 7′ tall king sized headboard with 12″ sides.  And I am happy to report that I am obsessed with it.  Obsessed.  From there it was all just accessorizing and decorating!  Scroll on down for all of the product links and sources.

Thanks for touring our master bedroom!

 HTM12 HTM13 HTM14 HTM15 HTM16 HTM17 HTM18 HTM19


Duvet Cover- Anthropologie

Headboard Fabric (Dupioni Snow White)-

Drapery Panel Fabric (Dupioni Show White )-

Bedskirt and Euro Sham Fabirc (Suzani Harmony/Red)-

King Sized Shams- Target

Cream Tassel Throw- Anthroplogie

Vanity Table and Mirror- Local Antique Store

Area Rug (Similar)-

Vanity Chair- Cost Plus World Market

Vanity Chair Throw- HomeGoods

Gray Corner Basket- Local Antique Store

Side Table Lamps

Moose Head Wall Decor- HomeGoods

Bedside Table- Joss & Main

Dressers- American Signature Home

Fireplace Rug- Joss & Main

Tufted Ottoman- Macy’s

Fireplace Sconces- Horchow

Dresser Lamp- Pier One Imports

Large Round Mirror- Kirkland’s

Chairs- American Signature Home (re-upholstered)

Wall Sconces- HomeGoods

Bench Accent Pillow Fabric (Flynn Ocean)-

Bed Accent Pillow Fabric- Discontinued

Small Sunburst Mirrors- Pier One Imports

Tall White Vase, Flower and White Basketweave Wall Decor- ZGallerie

Fireplace Florals- HomeGoods

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Be Our Guest

Re-Post from October 20, 2014:

Guest Room 16

 Sit back, grab a grande iced caramel macchiato non-fat no whip and be our guest…

As I talked about in my Welcome Home post several weeks ago, in December 2013 we found our dream home.  The problem was that my head saw our dream home yet our eyes did not.  After having described what we were looking for in mega detail to our realtor and looking at tons of homes in a thirty mile radius, I’m pretty sure she thought I’d lost it when I fell in love with this one.  Beautiful property- check, privacy- check, good “bones”- check, fresh/clean/my style/move in ready- ummmm no.  Honestly, I think that’s what I loved most.  The fact that we could renovate and make it our own little wonderland.  As far as the existing color scheme, I’m pretty sure fall threw up in our house.  The walls were every shade of burnt amber, pumpkin, spice, forest green, apple red and everything in between.  So first things first, PAINT!




The overall look I had in mind was “Hotel Chic”.  We have quite a few friends and family who stay over often so I really wanted a room that felt fresh, clean and chic.  Think checking into the W Hotel in Atlanta for a night, open the door to Room #345 and voila!

I chose the same paint color we have throughout the home for the main walls in the room.  Make sure and read “Ponder-ing Your Wall Color?” before you go and buy this paint color.  No seriously, read it.  All of the paint colors for this room are listed below.  Anyways, I wanted a neutral color on the walls and then a pop of fun on the accent wall.   I also have a love affair with black ceilings.  It is so chic and fun plus it adds height to a room and a modern elegance that I just love!  For that pop of fun, I found this amazing gold wallpaper called Petal Pusher (Gold).


Main Walls: Ponder by Sherwin Williams

Trim: Downy by Sherwin Williams

Ceiling: Inkwell by Sherwin Williams

Doors: Custom Mix of 1/2 Stunning Shade and 1/2 Darkroom by Sherwin Williams

Wallpaper: Petal Pusher (Gold)


The room was painted, the wallpaper complete and now it was time for the best part…  all the details.  First I found this GORGEOUS Chandelier in a silver leaf finish with gold accents that accentuated the gold wallpaper just perfectly.  I then found a beautiful cool grey velvet that has the same undertones as the ceiling paint color for the ottoman and headboard.  I had these pieces custom made for the room.  There is just something about tufted headboards that make my glamorous alter ego smile.

Murray Feiss F2538/3SLP Hall Light Chandelier 3 Bulb Silver Leaf Patina Chandelier

Next up was the bedding and drapery.  Since the walls and ceiling were busy and I wanted a very fresh look, I chose simple white window treatments, as well as a white quilt and shams.   This also gave me a good white canvas to add a pop of color and print with the pillows.  You know how I LOVE a good pop of color!

Guest Room 2

Lighting- Amazon

Drapery- West Elm

Quilt & Shams- Anthropologie

Rug- Comfort Market

Headboard & Ottoman Fabric- (links to similar)

Striped Pillows- Surya

Purple Ikat Pillow- Candy Kirby Designs

Deer Head- Home Goods

Lamps- Target

Side Tables- Wayfair

Table Accessories- Home Goods/TJMaxx

Gold Sconces- Home Goods/TJMaxx

Sunburst Mirror- Wayfair

Guest Room 1

Guest Room 3

Guest Room 4

Guest Room 5

Guest Room 6

Guest Room 7

Guest Room 8

Guest Room 9

Guest Room 10

Guest Room 11

Guest Room 12

Guest Room 13

Guest Room 14

Guest Room 15

XOXO, Brittany Hayes

Monday, February 23, 2015

“Ponder”-ing your Wall Color?

Re-Post from September 09, 2014:

I’ve decided to get a tattoo.  It’ll be across my forehead in bold, black font.  It will read as follows…

Paint Color_edited-1

HOLD ON… I know you’re tempted to close your laptop and run to the paint store but wait just one second.  Here’s where things get tricky.  My wall color may not be for you.  What?!?  Yes, just like your lipstick color may look atrocious on me and fabulous on you, the same exact thing goes for paint colors.  Let me explain…

Of course I am kidding.  I am honestly flattered that every picture I post on instagram gets the same question, “what is your wall color?”.  However, I cringe every time I see it.  I want to respond but I don’t want everyone to spend thousands of dollars painting their home “Ponder” and then wonder why it looks completely different in their home than it does mine.  You see, I LOVE color.  I am sure you are well aware of that by now between my bedding work and my personal home but you may not know that I really study color.  I am obsessed actually.  I feel like that may be my “gift” with the risk of sounding crazy.  I studied color in my interior design classes in college and I feel like I have a pretty good eye at seeing undertones, knowing what colors work together and using a whole lot of color in one space.  And that is exactly why I want to help you choose the right color for you.

Choosing paint color very well may be the number one reason you need a designer, decorator or a second opinion.  If there was one thing I would suggest you hire a designer for, it would be in choosing the right color.  Just like every good work of art needs a good canvas, your home needs the perfect canvas as well.  The problem is that every canvas is different.  Confused yet?  I promise I am trying to explain more than I am trying to confuse.  Point in case is the assortment of greys in just one paint deck…

Grey Paint Colors 1

Ponder is a beautiful grey, yes.  I am obsessed with it actually.  However, it has violet undertones that may not work in every interior.  I thought long and hard about our wall color because it extends into every main living area.  Like I said before, Ponder has violet undertones which makes it a cool neutral.  When we purchased our home and started renovations, the paint was one of the first projects we tackled.  At the time, our home was empty.  The floors were the original “orange-ish” oak color and the lighting fixtures were oil rubbed bronze which has a red undertone.  Once the paint went up, I got a phone call.  “Umm babe, are our walls purple?”  I am not going to lie, I had a slight freak out moment.  They really looked lilac.  I thought I had just painted our entire home purple.  Crap.  I stuck with it though, trusted my instinct, and kept moving right along.  Once everything was complete, the wall color is perfection.

I remember sending this picture to my husband of our daughter’s room being painted purple after they’d sprayed every room with a primer of Ponder to prove to him that the grey wasn’t actually purple…

Wall Color_edited-1

So, why does this work in my home?

1.  I primarily decorate with cool colors.  Teal, blue, green, are all cool colors and I use a lot of those colors in my home.

Foyer 10

2.  I love gold.  I adore gold lighting and most all of the fixtures in our home are gold.  Gold has a yellow undertone.  Purple and yellow are complimentary colors therefore they look splendid together.

photo (1)


3.  Our re-stained hardwoods are super dark and no longer have the orange tint which accentuated the violet in the wall color.

4.  We have a LOT of natural light.  Natural light will show a color in it’s purest form whereas incandescent and fluorescent lights can give off different warm and cool tones changing the look of the color.

So maybe you’ve decided that Ponder will not actually work in your home.  What next?  I will be putting together a comprehensive list of MY suggestions of beautiful greys that work with every style and color scheme so stay tuned!

Living Room BP 1

Wood Beaded Chandelier- Horchow, Sectional- Macy’s, Teal Chairs- Joss & Main, Area Rug-Wayfair, Bookcase Wallpaper- Spoonflower, Fringe Throw-Anthropologie, Sunburst Mirror- Wayfair, Topiary- Local Antique Store, Bookshelf Decor- Hobby Lobby, TJMaxx, HomeGoods, etc., Fireplace Screen- Joss & Main, Teal Tray- Local Antique Store, White Flowers- HomeGoods, Small Snowflake White Tray- Target, Black/Gold Mirror- Bombay Company, Gold Chevron Poufs- Target, Antique Blue Table- A Sweet Friend, Wall Sconces & Florals- Hobby Lobby, Seahorse Lamps- HomeGoods, Brown Leather Ottoman-Macy’s, Gold Floral Accent Wall Wallpaper- Anthropologie, Accent Wall Frame- Hobby Lobby, Mantle Candleholder- America’s Mart, Mantle Vases- Target, Semi-circle Wood Hall Table- American Signature Home, Colorful Vase & Flowers- Hobby Lobby, Zebra Print- Made By Girl, Gold “H”- Hobby Lobby, Gold Sinuous Metal Sconce- Horchow, Teal Throw- HomeGoods, Yellow Throw- Target, Window Table- Nadeau Buckhead, Gold Distressed Lamp, Green Flowers, Wood Candleholders and Teal Box- HomeGoods, Green Striped Pillow-Surya, Watercolor Ikat Pillow Fabric (Custom Made)- Candy Kirby Designs, White/Gray Taped Throw Pillow- Target, Black Sofa Table- Nadeau Buckhead, Sofa Table Decor- TJMaxx & HomeGoods

Den 20 Den 21 Den 17

 XOXO, Brittany

Friday, February 20, 2015

Mad About Plaid

Guest Editor, Maghan Sisk

 Plaid Shirt 1


It is freezing just about everywhere lately. There is nothing that screams warm and cozy like a good plaid shirt. This shirt is so soft and comfortable that I could just about wear it everyday, and I might have worn it 3 times in the last week. :-/

One of the newest additions to my closet are these amazing TOMS wedges. They are so so so comfortable!!

I love to pair a sparkly, chunky necklace with a casual look and I am obsessed with the colors in this one! Speaking of, we are doing a necklace giveaway! Simply follow addisonswonderland on Instagram, tag a friend and you are entered into the giveaway! Good Luck!


Clothing Links Below…

Plaid Shirt 2 Plaid Shirt 3

Plaid Shirt, Leggings, Wedges, Similar Necklace

Plaid Shirt 4

Plaid Shirt 6

Shopping Links


Fav Plaid Shirt

Leggings (the best leggings)




Yours Truly, Maghan Sisk