1. #1 or #2 for sure. I love the drama of #2 but #1 may be the best of both worlds! We just bought our first home and while the exterior color is fine, I would die to paint it that lovely navy color! Definitely the darker the better. 😉

  2. I like #2 the most and then #1!! Both are absolutely beautiful, so I think if you choose either one you will be happy! I like the darker color because I feel like the paint over time will fade due to the sun. So, if you go with #2 it will most likely become a little lighter….close to #1. I’m no paint expert, but that’s just my thoughts hahah! But, seriously everyone of those colors are pretty!

  3. OK, I say #1 because it will go with the style of your exterior so well. It is not too dark or too blue with a hint of gray for the cool color pallet, which would look great with dove gray paint trim with the gray undertone. If you feel dove white is still too white in contrast go with a white with more gray tone to calm it done so the contrast is not so strong. Good luck with the brick. Can’t wait to see what is under that paint. If not salvagable then paint as same as trim paint. Just saying. My two cents worth.

  4. I love #2 but #1 is great too! I understand how hard it is to make a decision on this! I’ve been trying to find a color for a year.

  5. 1 – Witching Hour. I think this will go best with the style and year of the home.

    2 – Soot is nice too. Will definitely be dramatic. How does that dark of paint age with weather and sun???

  6. I love #2 with white trim, but I wonder how quickly a dark color would fade and how easily it would show dirt. My vote would be for #4 for the house color with white trim/detailing and #2 for the window casings. You have included Piedmont a few times now. You must be drawn to it. I also think that fits with the style of house. Black doors and windows inside would be amazing as well.

  7. Maybe it’s just my screen but is 1 as blue as it looks?? I like it or 4 the best… Worried #1 could end up screaming blue if that makes sense

  8. Definitely, Witching hour by Ben Moore!!
    #3 is too periwinkle-ish and I’m not loving the super dark. Option 4 is fresh though…. too many choices!!

  9. Definitely #4, Piedmont Gray. It is a classic, timeless color with just enough depth to make a statement. It will look great on this beauty of a home!

  10. #1 would be a safe pick and is a beautiful color. #2 and #4 are classic. I might be the only one but I love #3 Evening Dove…it’s so different and unexpected. If you look at a few of those houses on Pinterest which I’m sure you have over and over…painted that color

  11. In my humble non-designer opinion, I think I like the top two darker colors. I know this is weird to admit, but I try and picture what a house looks like in the snow at winter time and I think the dark wins. The Piedmont seems like it would be a coastal look and it wouldn’t look right in snow to me. But maybe your winters in ATL aren’t as much as ours in Indianapolis so it could still work?? Omg. I’m no help and my snow theory makes me sound silly. Haha I’ll just post this for your amusement

  12. Piedmont gray all the way. What color trim would you do with it? Dove white? If you’re dying to go dark I think witching hour is the best dark.

  13. #1 ….it seems most fitting for the historic home ( not too bright and not too dark). However, #2 seems like it would be nice as well-a statement paint for sure. Can’t wait to see what you choose!!!

  14. Okay….so, I’m going to make a prediction! Ha! You love #2 but…it might fade, weather and you might get tired of it. So I think you’re going pick #4. Light but not white and will go with all those fun interior colors you are drawn to…so how’d I do? What does you gut tell you? What does your hubbs think? I know whatever you pick it’ll look amazing! Can’t wait to see the final color! You’ve got this!

  15. I really like 1. But know whatever color you pick it will be beautiful. Cannot wait to see the finished project. Remember take some downtime for you, life is so short. I enjoy your blogs. Wish I still had my home, but when my husband passed 7 years ago I moved back to my hometown in Glennville, Ga into apt. I really miss it. Excited for you guys, your family is gorgeous . Until next blog… Mrs Kristy

  16. I love number 1 because it’s smoky, however, number 3 would brighten everything up! Do you want the same color as the blue you’re doing inside, or darker or lighter? In one picture, nimber 1 does not seem like it will change the look tremendously, just give a blue hue. It depends what you want, if you want a big change to the exterior. Nimber 3 would be a big, bright change.

  17. Love #2! The more drama the better. Trust your gut, everything u do is fab! Color is who you are and it is your dream home. Can’t wait to see!!!!!

  18. I like No. 1 best; however, whichever one you decide on is going to look fabulous! You have such a great eye for color!!

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